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Media Resources to Break your Lenten Fast


We all know “the interwebs” are full of dirty, vicious things that are trying to destroy us. Did you know they’re also full of awesome Catholic resources? The websites, apps, and podcasts below can help you learn your faith, and even help you with your prayer.

Note: Despite all appearances, I am not actually trying to get you to spend more time on the web during Lent. Please use prudence.


Sancte Pater

You can download PDFs of virtually all classical spiritual works for free at this website. If it’s amazing, approved, and public domain, it’s here. Selections include everything from Introduction to the Devout Life to the The Imitation of Christ to my personal favorite, The Roman Index of Forbidden Books.

(Note: Some classics are better reads than others.)

New Advent

It’s basically Buzzfeed on steroids for Catholics. The homepage is a collection of the best Catholic blogs, talks, and web pages and is constantly updated. They also have many of the classical works available.

Covenant Eyes

This is technically accountability software to help with pornography addictions. However, it can also be used to keep you off any website where you spend too much time. You simply enter all the websites you need to avoid. Any time you visit those sites, a friend will receive an email. Subscriptions start at $8.99 a month, with deals for additional users.


This is designed to bring traditional Catholic resources to modern readers. Resources include a saint of the day, daily Mass readings, a blog, apologetics, prayers and more.

Real Life Catholic

Chris Stefanick’s website is dedicated to bringing the Catholic faith to young people in an engaging way. He has the normal articles, speaking information, etc., but what really sets his site apart are the well-done, compelling videos.  This one on sufferingthis one on mercy, and this one on Confession are some of my favorites. They’re all great reflections for Lent.


Check out Jonathan’s post for more free Catholic apps.


Don’t question–just download this.

It’s contains TONS of prayers, the Bible, the liturgical calendar, daily Mass readings, and all the public domain spiritual classics previously mentioned. It also has a twin app,iDoctrina, in which you quiz yourself over the catechism. These apps are 99 cents each. Make room in your budget.

Via Crucis

This is the traditional Stations of the Cross, with classical works of art and reflections by St. Francis of Assisi to help you meditate. It costs $1.99.

Scriptural Rosary

This is similar to the Via Crucis App, as it is by the same developer. It also uses classical works of art and scripture passages to help bring the mysteries of the rosary to life. You can record yourself or someone else saying the prayers. The light version is free, the full version is $3.99.


Get access to FOCUS talks, videos, Bible studies, and blog for free!


It will send you reminders not to eat meat on fast days. It also contains our daily reflections, Lenten blog posts, and Meat Police videos.


UMD Catholic

Father Mike Schmitz is a gifted Catholic speaker and apologist. He records his homilies every Sunday and puts them online, and they are wonderful. They’re also a great way to keep Sunday’s theme with you throughout the week.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A Catholic version of the popular Stuff You Should Know podcast. They cover tons of diverse topics, from saint stories to the seal of Confession to Batman. They’re on a hiatus right now, so you have plenty of time to listen your way through!

Divine Office

Recordings of all the Liturgy of the Hours prayers every day. It’s great if you’re just starting and need help figuring out what to say, or if you’re doing it alone and are easily distracted. You can download the podcasts every night, or buy the app for $20.