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Chrism Mass

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During the course of Holy Week, the Bishop, Clergy, and parish delegations of the laity gather at the Cathedral church. There, in solemn ritual, the holy oils used during the year in parishes throughout the diocese are consecrated. These are;

  • The oil of catechumens (pure olive oil used to anoint those preparing for baptism)
  • The oil of chrism (pure olive oil mixed with fragrant balm, used in baptism, confirmation and ordination)
  • The oil of the sick (pure olive oil used in the sacrament of the anointing of the sick)

Parish representatives carry these oils back home where they will be part of their parish’s celebrations of sacraments for the coming year, beginning with the Easter Vigil. Holy Thursday has not attracted many popular traditions. The main one is the waiting with the Lord in the parish chapel of adoration until midnight.